Termites find Australian homes particularly appetising, but why is that? There are a number of things that can make your home attractive to a hungry colony of termites. Our termite experts bring you termite prevention tips and identification methods to help you understand the dangers and prevent termites from settling in your home.

Where will I Find Them?

  • Exterior - Termites can be found around the exterior of your home trying top find an opening into yout property
  • Gardens - Termites love timber there are many forms of timber (cellulose) within the garden, fence, retaining walls, mulch, trees, play equipment or out buildings just to name a few
  • Bathroom - Termites need a moisture and what better place to find it than it the bathroom, termites will enter your home through the penetrations in the floor ie. pipes running up the walls and floors
  • Kitchen - Termites need to secretive and what better place than at the back of a kitchen cupboard where evidence of moisture exists (leaky pipe under the sink)

Truth: termites are not strategic in their how they enter your home any openiong will do, protect your home today Book an Inspection or Call 1300 BITE BACK (1300 248 322) Today!