Welcome to our Subterreanan Termite section. It needs to be said, not all Termites have economic significance to us as humans!

We only need to concern ourselves with 4 species of Termites here in NSW :

  • Coptotermes acinacinformis / frenchi
  • Schedorhinotermes intermedius
  • Nasutitermes walkeri / exitious
  • Heterotermes ferox

BITE BACK PEST CONTROL are accredited with HomeGuard, Termidor and Exterra all the leading companies in their field here in Australia.

We are fully licensed and fully Insured to carry out all work you require both for inspection and treatment of your home.

Termites can devour your home in very little time given the right conditions. Booking a Termite Inspection will cost you several hundred dollars far better than several thosands to repair your home and in extreme cases walking away from your home altogether CALL BITE BACK PEST CONTROL TODAY!