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  • Silverfish are half to three-quarters of an inch long.
  • They are identifiable by their shiny silver scales, which cover their entire bodies.
  • They have two thin antennae and very small eyes, almost impossible to spot with the naked eye.
  • They typically have three appendages that grow from their backs, almost as long as their bodies.
  • Silverfish live in damp, dark areas in households.
  • They tend to migrate near their food sources, which include starchy products, glue, cereal and flour.
  • They prefer to hide in small crevices around the house, including the openings of windows, corners of shelves or cabinets and below floorboards.
  • Silverfish live for three years on average, some silverfish live up to eight years.
  • Silverfish can also live up to one year without consuming food and usually rarely die from a lack of food.
  • Silverfish can damage wallpaper, books, food and wooden materials that are held together by glue.
  • They usually leave behind holes or yellow stains after feeding on substances that contain protein, starch or glue.
  • The main diet of silverfish bugs comprises of carbohydrates like sugar and starches.
  • They will eat anything in your home like books, photographs, sugar, coffee, carpet and even sometimes your hair. 
  • It is practically impossible to destroy these pests if they have expanded their clutches in your home.
  • They will even eat your house hold items, and will make your life like hell in no time.
  • These bugs will cause extensive damage to anything and everything they see, and finally your dream home will become a nightmare without any smiles.


  • Avoiding moisture in your home is one of the best ways by which you can say good bye to these insects. 
  • Always fix your leaked pipes and try to seal up food in a proper manner.
  • People can prevent silverfish infestations by keeping crevices, cracks and other dark areas free from moisture.
  • Sealing off small cracks prevents silverfish from inhabiting those areas.
  • Applying insecticide drying agents to cracks and crevices helps kill off silverfish.
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