We want to get you off to a great start with building your dream home, pre construction treatments are critically important to the safety of your home. We are accrediated installers of HomeGuard Australia's premier pre construction termite protection company. Protect your new home or extension from Termites with HomeGuard Termite Barriers. Click here to view HomeGuard brochure.

"HomeGuard physically restricts termites from entering the building, but also actively Stops Kills and Repels termites". 

HomeGuard come in many forms to protect your home:

  • HomeGuard TMB (0.2 mm) full under slab termite barrier
  • HomeGuard Blue (0.3 mm) perimeter slab edge installation and slab joins
  • HomeGuard Blue Collars for slab penetrations
  • HomeGuard GT Granules - permiter cavity and penetrations
  • HomeGuard Blue termite shields (300 x 300mm) for Concrete stumps, Timber stumps
  • Biflex Bifenthrin (synthetic pyrethroid) is incorporated in the plastic polymer matrix of all three forms. As a polymer the Biflex is locked in for the life of the product and does not leach out into the environment. Has APVMA approval, BCA and CSIRO certification.
  • HomeGuard is Australian made and backed by the FMC 25 yr warranty.
  • Contact details for FMC are 1800 066 355
  • Please refer to the HomeGuard information sheet or the web site - www.homeguardptm.com.au.