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We don’t always consider birds as a pest but they can be. Whether it’s the noise they make early in the morning, the acidity of their droppings which can harm paintwork, or the pecking of woodwork, some birds can be a real pest. They may carry bird mites which can bite humans, causing an itchy rash, and their droppings put you and your family at risk of fungal lung diseases, and bacteria which could cause food poisoning, including salmonella.

However, some birds, especially the introduced species, can be regarded as pests in many situations and even some native birds are often less than welcome on certain occasions.  

Bird control requires lots of knowledge and understanding about birds, where birds live and hide, and bird control products (both chemical and mechanical). We offer individually tailored solutions that are people, pet and environmentally friendly, for both residential and commercial properties. CALL BITE BACK PEST CONTROL TODAY! we offer customized and individually tailored solutions. 

We can provide you and your family with protection against:

  • antisocial and dangerous bird behaviour such as swooping during mating season
  • deterioration of your home and property’s appearance caused by aggressive bird behavior
  • unsightly and unhygienic bird droppings
  • harmful diseases such as salmonella caused by toxic bird faeces
  • bird lice and the painful, itchy bites from bird lice


  • Make it hard for pigeons to build a nest.
  • Fill in any holes in your house and don’t leave a lot of open space on flat surfaces where they might be able to build a nest.
  • Keep all food and water out of their reach.
  • Don’t leave garbage laying around
  • Keep bird baths clean
  • Do not feed them
  • We use environmentally friendly and humane methods to rid your home or property of nuisance birds.
  • CALL BITE BACK PEST CONTROL TODAY! we will recommend the best bird pest control options for your property and requirements.